Payback is not a bitch if it is good….

One of the neat things about this blog is that I get to post about some of the things that I know to be undeniably true. I was talking with a friend the other day. She was in an argument with someone who had offended her and she used the phrase “Payback’s a bitch.” How unfortunate of a way to look at things. She was not in a mood for me to approach the subject, but someday soon I will.

It is entirely possible to go through life and feed off of the positive energy of what comes back to you that is indirectly (or even directly sometimes!) a result of the positive energy that you exude. Call it payback (as she did) , or karma (as I do) , or whatever…the bottomline is that if you put out positive, you get positive in return.

What could happen if my friend returned good to the person that offended her instead of looking for a way to create a scenario where Payback is a bitch and she is generating a lot of unneeded negative energy in her life.

When it is good, payback is not a bitch. It is return on the investment of positive energy in those around you. Pretty cool.

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